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Star Stories!

Star Stories is a new feature to our website & blog. We'll highlight a member and get to know them better! The first is from our Worthy Matron, LeAnn Holsapple.

Hi, I’m LeAnn Holsapple. I live in Hollywood and I was initiated into Ocean Park Chapter in 2007. I’m an Office Manager for a commercial real estate management company in downtown Los Angeles. I love to read and I’m good with technology. I’m also a comic nerd; with my favorites being Batman and Star Wars. And I love the first 12 Seasons of The Simpsons and can and do quote them regularly.

How did you get into Star?

My maternal Grandparents and Great-Grandparents were in Star. I was always fascinated by the jewelry and the fact that they wouldn’t talk much about it except to say it was a fun, fraternal organization. When I moved to Los Angeles I found it hard to make quality friends. My Grandmother suggested I look into Star and see if there was a Chapter near me. She has Alzheimer’s now and doesn’t know who I am but I feel like I bring her with me to Chapter.

Favorite Star memory?

I have a lot of great memories, but my favorite still has to be my initiation. I had no clue what to expect, knew no one at Ocean Park, and most of it was a blur, but it was magical; that was the feeling I came away with, that I had just joined something really special.


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